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JESTEŚMY OTWARCI CODZIENNIE! Pon-Pt 12:00-23:00 i Sob-Nd 11:00-23:00

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Seafood Station Restaurant & Oyster Bar zaprasza na najwyższej jakości owoce morza, ryby, ostrygi i mięsa serwowane w połączeniu z sezonowymi, regionalnymi produktami. 

Przy wnętrzu zainspirowanym kultowymi, starymi Targami i Halami Rybnymi z całego świata, w Seafood Station można zjeść między innymi Homary, Kraby, klasyczne Oysters Rockefeller, idealnie zgrillowany stek z tuńczyka czy też uwielbiane, autentyczne Brytyjskie Fish & Chips. W połączeniu ze starannie dobraną kartą wyśmienitych win, piw i koktajli, oferujemy niezapomniane kulinarne wspomnienia!


  • BirhangZ Avatar
    5 star rating
    12/23/2021 - TripAdvisor

    An Experience Worthy Visit Staff, outstanding.
    We had three dishes,
    1. Fish & Ships - Not as crispy as I'd like but flavor wise, best taste in Warsaw as far as Fish & Chips go.
    2. Sea Bass Filet - Best one by far, everything in the plate was outstanding. A strong recommendation!
    3. Grilled Octopus - Pricey, probably because Octopus itself is hard to come by in Europe, I suppose. Was a good dish overall. However, I'd say, try it only if you've never had Octopus.
    All in all, definitely returning to try the Oysters! Soon! Someday!
    Oh and how can I forget, the Pilsner on tap is top notch!

    Mark Z Avatar
    Mark Z
    5 star rating
    11/24/2021 - TripAdvisor

    right seafood place Just walking by, we discovered moder, but fantastic oyster and seafood bar.
    Very friendly and professional staff, tasty food and great ambience.
    Very fair prices, so bottom line, if you like seafood, you should go straight to that place.

    Arubertu Avatar
    5 star rating
    10/28/2021 - TripAdvisor

    It’s fish diner time With friends we visit the city of Sopot. Being e few days in Gdańsk. We want to eat some fish. It’s a cleans restaurant with kind service. The food was great and fine tasting.

    Y9157NGmonikan Avatar
    5 star rating
    9/14/2021 - TripAdvisor

    Best birthday! We had our friend's birthday party in July! Brilliant food, great wine, helpful and quick service. Everyone was very pleased, which is rare ... We will be back there for sure! :)

    Asonline Avatar
    5 star rating
    8/20/2021 - TripAdvisor

    It must be heaven for seafood lovers... The Seafood Station Sopot was once a secret place, today it is what it deserves a well known place where you better get a reservation before you dine there.
    It offers some classics but has also an amazing choice of extraordinary seafood e.g. various oyster types, lobster, crab legs even from Kamchatka.
    If you love seafood or your want to get in love with seafood, than you have to try the seafood station.

    1802dina Avatar
    5 star rating
    8/06/2021 - TripAdvisor

    Fantastic (the Warsaw branch) Tasty, fresh fish and sea food restaurant which is located near the Warsaw central station and in front of the Nyx hotel.
    The portions aren’t huge but are really delicious, with reasonable prices. The service is fast and attentive.
    Nice atmosphere with some relaxing music.
    Highly recommended!

  • GadiGi Avatar
    5 star rating
    7/30/2021 - TripAdvisor

    One of the best one’s in Warsaw We have been at the Warsaw restaurant located not far from the Warsaw central train station.
    It a well designed place, large and with inside and outdoor dinning.
    The food, dishes, soups and salads are tasty, big portions and are a class for itself.
    They have English menus
    Very good service and prices are moderate
    It’s a really good place to have a wonderful dinning experience with a very good atmosphere

    Moje-miejsca Avatar
    5 star rating
    7/20/2021 - TripAdvisor

    The place to be in Warsaw! Fabulous food!!! Stunning restaurant with so many beautiful details. We have visited Seafood station Sopot a couple years ago and loved it; hence whilst staying in Warsaw we couldn’t wait to see the newly open Seafood Station Warsaw! We have dined there twice during our stay. Our top 3 dishes were Oysters, Red King Crab and Burger with shrimps and chorizo. We also tried and loved calamari with spicy mayo sauce and a crab salad with lovely pesto and tomato dressing. All the flavours worked together so well. Must have is also a glass of Sancerre wine, recommended to us by a very friendly waiter. As I love art and design, I couldn’t stop myself from exploring the details that make this place so gorgeous. If, like me, you enjoy dining and watching the world go by, have a table by the window and enjoy the moment!

    AWG1254 Avatar
    5 star rating
    7/16/2021 - TripAdvisor

    Friday Night Dinner Myself along with a couple of friends arranged a meal at our favourite seafood restaurant, I had previously reserved a table which made good sense given how busy the restaurant was, on arrival we were shown to our table by the manageress who explained we possibly could have a slight delay in service time due to being short staffed, in less than 10 minutes our waiter asked us for our drinks order. We then decided our selection of dishes from the main menu also the specials listed on the blackboard. We decided on Croquettes with Cod also Thai Soup. Followed by English Fish and Chips, Mussels, and a Seafood Salad dish. We all enjoyed our meals and were unaware of any delay in service time , as always the quality of food was outstanding, a truly amazing experience.
    Highly recommended.

    Lewandosia Avatar
    5 star rating
    7/07/2021 - TripAdvisor

    The Best! The best restaurant in Warsaw! ❤️ Perfect location, service and food. I love this fish & chips and brownie.

    kanoss_pl Avatar
    5 star rating
    6/30/2021 - TripAdvisor

    Perfect Perfect place, service, food and atmosphere. Bussy district, however You can feel relaxed once seated. Enjoy seafood and wine - perfect combination!

    977pitp Avatar
    5 star rating
    6/12/2021 - TripAdvisor

    Amazing 🤩 It was an unforgettable evening in an exceptional place full of delicious food, great service topped with delightful music and more



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